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Powers, Vol. 12: The 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes Of All Time (2009)

by Brian Michael Bendis(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
0785122621 (ISBN13: 9780785122623)
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review 1: Not bad. Liked some of the 'sexy montages'. One of the probems I have with Powers in general, and more so in this particular book, is the panel layouts. Maybe it's a lot clearer in the individual issues, but the sequence of panels is sometimes quite difficult to follow and I find myself restarting the page after realizing I chose the wrong path. I'm all for innovative presentation, but I feel the sequence could be better defined, especially for a book with such a strong forward narrative.
review 2: What I liked most about this series was always the way Deena played off Walker; the writing is at its best when the two characters are both thinking out loud. Since Deena is nowhere near Walker for most of this story arc, the book suffers. I wasn't crazy about th
... moree annual, which is a standalone story, being organized in the middle of an ongoing storyline, either--that was a really bizarre choice on the part of the editors for the TPB. I'd still stack this book up against most of what's on the racks currently, but the early arcs of this series were so amazing, it can only be natural that the later arcs would be something of a let down. less
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Another great volume in a great series. Too bad I'm going to have to wait again for the next one!
Very good stuff.But what was that Annual piece about?
I think I'd snort this book if I could.
and that storyline is all wrapped up.
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