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Pacte Sensuel (2013)

by Cecilia Grant(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
2290059986 (ISBN13: 9782290059982)
J'ai Lu
Blackshear Family
review 1: This is perhaps more closely rated 2.5 in my eyes but only because Cecilia Grant was able to slightly redeem the story towards the end.The fact that I had to wait that long is enough persuasion for me to hesitate before picking up a Cecilia Grant novel again.The story is thus: newly widowed Martha Russell is determined to keep her husband's estate away from a dissolute brother-in-law; however, an heir presumptive is necessary for her cause. Unfortunately, her husband died before providing her with one so tight-laced Martha rebels against all her prudish notions and brings in her new neighbor to help out.Theo Mirkwood came to Sussex on his father's demands and believed he would be wiling away his days in utter boredom; as a rakish Londoner, who is he to turn down the pretty... more widow that is demanding his 'favors'? On the outside, this tale sounded delicious to me. I enjoy these plots that quickly thrust the hero and heroine into scandalous circumstances due to the fact that the layer of intimacy adds an interesting twist to the growing love story. This, though, was not the case. For much of the book (really, until about two-thirds through) Martha was terribly cold in her interactions with Theo, to the point that it became painful and a bit embarrassing to read about their attempts at creating said 'heir presumptive'. All I could think is- what kind of romance is this? I mean, I don't expect Martha to become some wanton lover at Theo's first touch but come on, she is truly disgusted at a deep level whenever they are together. I couldn't fathom how exactly Grant was going to turn her around convincingly and make this story have a happy ending.Theo was utterly charming (Thank God) and kept the book afloat until a few well-placed plot points warmed Martha up. I really wasn't impressed by this development in character, mostly because I spent much of the book confounded and rather irked by her. There was a decent ending that probably saved it from being a lower rating and I will give credit to Grant that I had to finish the book, at least to find out how in Heaven's name the two ended up together.Other than that, so long to this title- it shan't be read again by me.
review 2: I really loved this. Ms Grant sure knows how to write. She was able to bring Martha and Theo to life plus creating other secondary characters who are not secondary at all but real life persons. No cardboard cutouts and drama queens for her. She took me and placed me inside Martha and Theo and I followed them a bit in their story. I especially enjoyed Theo's evolution and Martha's as well.Ms Grant is able enough to create characters in all parts of her story. She builds the characters by her ability to describe their thoughts, dialogue and interactions with each other. I was especially touched with the scene with Theo, Christine and her mother when he tried to show her how to make a paper fan.There is no instant love, instant sex yes, but not love. Love evolves and it is beautiful to watch. This is a gem of a book and I'm glad to have found and read it. less
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couldn't bring myself to read beyond 50 pages, didn't find anything appealing enough to continue.
4.5 stars. Only thing keeping it from a 5 is the slightly rushed and improbable ending.
Bu ne ya. Parama yazik. yorum yapmaya degmez.
3 1/2 Stars.
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