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Like A Fox (2013)

by Celia Kyle(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
Summerhouse Publishing
review 1: Like A Fox is a very short story, less than thirty pages. I read it in about half an hour. And as with most short stories, things happen fast. If you've read this series, you've met Gina and Gavin. Gina has been in several of the other books , a longtime member of the Pride. Gavin's sister recently mated with a member of the Ridgeville Pride. (He was also the one to get ordained on the internet to marry Alex and Maya at a rest area before their twins were born).Gavin is making one last visit with his sister, before moving to Chicago and starting his new job, when the scent of his mate wakes him from a sound sleep. When he tracks down that lovely scent he find the even lovelier lioness that is destined to be his.
review 2: This was only a very short instalment i
... moren the series so no big adventure like the last few as it's more a short story then a full story in the series but I loved it! I was happy for Gina finally finding her mate, especially after the situation with Jenner and that. Plus I like that Gavin is even more tied to the Ridgeville pride and hope they come to live there eventually (Gavin has a new job he's starting with the council in Chicago but I don't think he'll have to stay there forever or at least I hope he doesn't have to!). Now I just have to get the latest instalment in the series to read and I'll be all caught up for now! less
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I love this fun, sexy story. I enjoyed the chemistry between the fox and his lioness.
Extremely short boink fest. Nothing more to it than that.
awesome characters and shape-shifting story.
17 April 2014: $0.00 FREE on Kindle
3.5 stars. Cute fun quick read.
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