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Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, And Red Dice (1998)

by Christopher Pike(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
1416983082 (ISBN13: 9781416983088)
Simon Pulse
review 1: The first novel, or volume in the Thirst series. This volume contains three novels: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Rice. It’s the story of a five thousand year-old vampire named Sita, though she goes by many names throughout the novel, as she has to disguise herself quite a bit so no one finds out. We learn that she is the last vampire on Earth, but someone is trying to take her down and make more. It’s up to her to stop them. It’s an endless battle, and one that hasn’t ended in this novel, as the ending is a complete cliffhanger. The plotline was readable and easy to follow along; it was entertaining, but the way the author wrote it really made it sound like the main character is five thousand years old when he doesn’t use contractions. At times it sound... mores like a textbook with how dry it could get. But overall it was a very interesting novel that leaves the reader wanting a little bit more.
review 2: ive read this book long ago, and during high school, I think there might have been an inappropriate part sometime... but I think I liked the first book alright, its all about vampires and the main character seemed really cool and stuff but then I sorta got tired of it, since the book is so huge! that's I guess why I liked it, it felt like an accomplishment to finish it all and some of it was exciting to read and stuff so its interesting but I think the series is too long. less
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you will fall in love with these addicting books and characters you cant help but love and root fo
Not my favorite Pike books, but still great!!!!!
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