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Midnight Scandals (2012)

by Courtney Milan(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: An odd collection of stories that all have a connnection to an old English country house called Doyle's Grange. Sherry Thomas' story is the best of the 3, but not nearly as good as her full-length books. It is also hard to suspend disbelief that the hero of the story looks almost identical, except for his hair color, to the heroine's lost love, and that nobody in English high society ever commented about these 2 almost being twins, even though one is the heir of a duke and the other is an earl and they have homes in the same neighbourhood. Courtney Milan's story is more of an extended sermon on women's rights and the English legal system in the 19th century than a romance. Carolyn Jewel's story has some hot love (spelled s-e-x) scenes, but otherwise doesn't have much to co... moremmend it.
review 2: All three stories were good and are linked by location through many decades. It's actually the one thing that I didn't like because it forced the reader to acknowledge the passage of time and the deaths of characters that you may have grown to love in one of the previous stories in this anthology.I loved Carolyn Jewel's story, it was actually my favorite of all three stories. I would give it a 4.25 stars/ 3.75 sensualityCourtney Milan's story was my second favorite story, though I think some of Ms. Milan's previous anthology efforts were better. However, I don't think fans of this author will be disappointed. One thing I did love about it is that the premise for how the story unfolds was different. I would give it a 3.75 stars / 3.25 sensualityI've heard many good things about Sherry Thomas' historical romances, but had never read one before this anthology. While I thought it was good, it was my least favorite of the three. However, like Ms. Milan's story I really enjoyed the premise of how the story unfolds and thought it was different. Definitely romantic. I would give it 3.50 stars / 3.25 sensuality.Overall I highly recommend this anthology for all three stories, but especially the story by Carolyn Jewel. 3.75 stars overall less
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So, it's three novellas - one I liked a lot, one I liked fine, and one I didn't much like.
I enjoyed all three stories but was especially taken w ms jewels story
Good set of short stories, they all tied together nicely.
What Happened at Midnight by Courtney Milan
3 for the Jewel, 4 for the Milan and Thomas
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