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The Duchess War (2012)

by Courtney Milan(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
1937248097 (ISBN13: 9781937248093)
Courtney Milan
Brothers Sinister
review 1: I really liked this novel. I was immediately in love with Minnie. Demure to some, but with and intelligence that not many saw. Hiding from a past that she saw as horrific, she fell into the lab of Robert, the Duke. I had read the Governess affair. This novel helped to give some background on some of the supporting characters. It is definitely understandable with out reading the novella, but it gave me much more of an understanding and insight into Roberts life and his love for others. Definitely worth the read, and id love to read the next in the series. I am hoping that after everything Oliver finds a life worth his devotion.
review 2: I honestly didn't know what to expect from The Duchess War (great title!) and I'm glad I read it and so I recommend it all hi
... morestorical romance lovers.I have nothing bad to say about it. It didn't drag on. It didn't move too fast. The characters were well-written. It's a touching story that isn't so over-the-top with the characters' "sob stories" and I don't think I was ever been annoyed once with Robert or Minnie.Courtney Milan really brought the side-characters to life and even I couldn't make myself despise Robert's mother. I'm glad in the end she was, in a way, given a second chance as a mother. Robert's cousin, Sebastian, and his brother, Oliver, were completely swoon-worthy. The bromance between the three of them is just so precious and their interactions are hilarious.I give it 3.5 stars! less
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This was very interesting to try and guess the secret. I think I want to read more in this series.
One of the better written Historical Romances, the plot, and characters, and story were all great.
good story, good characters, enjoyable read!
Free on Amazon as of 11/25/14!
I really enjoyed this read.
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