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Spider-Man: Brand New Day, Vol. 1 (2008)

by Dan Slott(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
0785128433 (ISBN13: 9780785128434)
The Amazing Spider-Man
review 1: I enjoyed reading this. It opens up clearly by letting us know what is presently happening in Spidey's universe which made it ease to jump in and understand what was going on. The new villains made the story very engaging as I was less familiar with their powers and motives it encouraged me to pay attention more. I also enjoyed the classic elements of spider-man how the city is unable to define him as friend or foe and his classic Spidey banter between him and everyone he meets while in costume.
review 2: These are too short to review them all, and I have read some of it already. Suffice to say, despite the miserable storyline that to us here, Brand New Day ids the most fun Spidey has been in ages. Still, the rotating writers make for wildly uneven levels of qu
... moreality. Slott and Guggenheim are the tops, while Gale and Wells are...well, not so much. The new villains don't really take, but other new characters, mostly Carlie Cooper and Jackpot, are slightly more interesting. All in all, it has a very 70s Spidey feel with a few Lee elements for good measure. less
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Slott and Guggenheim do a pretty good job of hitting the reset button on Spider-Man continuity.
This nicely-bound hardcover edition of Spiderman is campy and fast paced.
Review forthcoming.
Intriguing plots
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