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The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 5: The Superior Venom (2014)

by Dan Slott(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
0785187960 (ISBN13: 9780785187967)
The Superior Spider-Man (Marvel NOW!)
review 1: Everybody leaves those symbiotes. Here, again the main themes of the Superior Spider-Man stories are pretty dominant: Spider-man basically acts like a supervillain through most of the book but just barely convinces everyone that things are alright enough for him to be left alone. Their reactions sort of don't make sense. Like the symbiote has traditionally been able to learn a lot of the secrets of its host. But not here. It is (cheaply?) suspenseful.I mean, it's just not clear why these guys don't all do something about it, but I guess that time will come.
review 2: One more superior spider-man volume left and it seems like its going to be a doozy. I am so confused about some of the things in the spider-verse. Wasn't Flash Thompson the hobgoblin, or som
... moree other villain? Now, he was supposed to be Spider-man's #1 fan and is now "Agent Venom"? What happened to Eddie Brock, wasn't he a pseudo hero for a while. Spider-Man is the closest comic books come to a daytime soap opera. There is a lot of drama, but boy are you going to be confused if you haven't watched in a few years. People conveniently forget things, and remember them later when the plot demands it. I love Spider-Man, but it can be HARD to follow and keep track of everything sometimes. I'm not a fan of him being an Avenger. I think he works best in his own somewhat self contained stories. When he is a member of the Avengers, I need to know more about the wider marvel-verse and all I really want to read is Spider-Man. less
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Hồi nào tới giờ mình đã rất khoái Venom. Lần này trong hắn bựa quá =))
Notable uptick in fun and craftsmanship, both in the story and with the addition of Ramos.
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