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The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Goblin Nation (2014)

by Dan Slott(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 3
0785187979 (ISBN13: 9780785187974)
The Superior Spider-Man (Marvel NOW!)
review 1: The climax of Dr. Octopus's tenure in Spider-Man's body: as the Green Goblin defies him and begins the destruction of New York, Peter fights his way back to reality, going through Doc Ock's memories in the process. Fast-paced action, but I could have done without the cliched abuse subplot for Octopus, and I've never really bought the Green Goblin as a Machiavellian schemer (though I concede I'm a minority on that). I do love, love, love Mary Jane's quick grasp of what's going on and her willingness to fight back though.
review 2: While it was a pretty good ending for a great saga, I feel like it wasn't good enough for the quality they've achieved through this story. There's basically three things that bothered me about it:(watch out, spoilers ahead)First, we al
... morel knew this was going to end with Peter somehow returning to his body. But the actual way for him to do it was kind of unoriginal, for a story that was so full of surprises. They basically repeated the same resource they have used before to justify Peter being still alive. They made a small part of him remain in his head, hidden from Otto, but then they face each other and Peter loss. He was vanquished from his own mind. He had disappeared. But then they brought him back the same way, like nothing had ever happened. He was just there, still hidden from Otto, a genius who was absolutely sure there was no trace of Peter in his mind. And then, when Otto surrenders, he conveniently discovers Peter is still there to take the wheel. A little bit of a lame move in the plot.Second, the ending was a lot about the Goblin and too little about the return of Peter Parker. After all what happened, Peter coming back should have been something bigger. But it didn't feel that way. The fact that he doesn't remember anything since he got lost in Otto's memories doesn't add to the story, it just makes it more complicated and takes away from the awesomeness that his return should have been. It just didn't feel as epic as it should have been.And third, I'm really disappointed at Mary Jane. After all they've been through together, after all they've sacrificed (in One More Day for example), I wasn't expecting them to get back together or anything, but when Peter tells her the truth, that he wasn't himself but Otto and now he was back, she just... brushes that HUGE revelation aside as if it was nothing and basically tells him to fuck off. She's got a brand new hot firefighter with her now and doesn't care to get involved in Spidey's problems anymore. After buying a whole freaking club just to celebrate Peter saving the world not long ago, now she discovers Peter has just been through a pretty much literal HELL and came back... and she doesn't even care. That's not the Mary Jane I've seen in years of Spider-man comics. That's totally not her. Disappointing.Oh, and one more thing. What the hell was all that "Norman Osborn but with his face kind of changed" thing? Pretty lame revelation for all the mystery behind all the Goblin plot, if you ask me. When I saw Liz Allan with the Goblin mask in her hand, I thought she was the Goblin King. After all, if she was, she wouldn't be lying when she said she was Osborn, since she's got that last name from marrying Harry (although I think I remember the Goblin King saying he was Norman). That would have been a much bigger and original surprise. I really believe that was the original plan, but no, someone on Marvel probably decided that it was better if it was Norman Osborn again. Predictable, unoriginal Norman Osborn.Whatever. less
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A very underwhelming, albeit enjoyable end to the Superior Spider-Man as a whole.
What a great Spider-man story arc. Sad to see it end.
The end of Otto's era, for better or worse.
4.5 stars
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