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Overlord (2014)

by David Lynn Golemon(Favorite Author)
4.34 of 5 Votes: 1
1250013046 (ISBN13: 9781250013040)
Thomas Dunne Books
Event Group Adventure
review 1: David Golemon doesn't disappoint with his latest Event Group thriller. Never one for flowery prose, his writing is gritty and to the point. Each time you pick up the book, the pacing and suspense draws you in and keeps you reading far longer than you had planned. If you haven't read the prior books in the series, I would strongly suggest you start from the beginning before committing to this one. There is a good deal of backstory from at least two of the prior books that puts everything in perspective. If you enjoy action and adventure, believe me when I say that the entire series is worth your investment of time.
review 2: Within the nine book Event Group series is a trilogy made up of book 1 "Event", book 6 "Legacy", and book 9 "Overlord" with Overlord being
... morethe epic conclusion of the trilogy. While several of the members of the group were lost in Overlord the group remains to keep the country and the world safe. Every book in this series is five star and I'm glad I was able to find it and read it and I'm sure you will be to. less
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It was very rivetting, and the play b play nature of the action was overwhelming.
Excellent book, very exciting and very sad.
Aliens vs. mankind a great conclusion!
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