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Primeval (2010)

by David Lynn Golemon(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 1
0312580789 (ISBN13: 9780312580780)
Thomas Dunne Books
Event Group Adventure
review 1: I truly enjoy this author - I've read some of his books in the Event group series. As a reader I'm drawn to the characters and look forward to seeing how the story lines play out. As soon as I'm done with one in the series; I start the next one. I started in late August and have read Event, Legend, Ancients, Leviathan, Primeval and am half way through Legacy. The books start slow and deals with past events (hang in there), it then brings you to the present and deals with a top secret US government agency that stores artifacts from the past and tries to keep history from repeating tragic events in the future. The beginning ties in with the plot line and the story has something for everyone - lots of action, suspense, humor and romance. A great read!
review 2:
... moreThis effort is a great improvement over the last two installments, though the obsession with caves and water escapes continues. The Russian tie in was a little obvious but did fit well into the story. I admit I was really pleased with the handling of the Sasquatch element of the story, and would be happy to see them return in a future storyline. A few loose ends that had been dragging on for too long were resolved or developed so they can work better in future adventures. I was happy to see that most of the action took place in other places than water filled caves. A nice change. less
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Very intense. Never a dull moment. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.
Like slogging through wet cement.
thrilling and interesting
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