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Ladybug Girl At The Beach (2010)

by David Soman(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
0803734166 (ISBN13: 9780803734166)
review 1: Ladybug Girl at the Beach is one of many in a multi-book series that follows a little girl dressed in her ladybug costume and her sidekick basset hound named Bingo. Witten by David Soman and illustrated by Jackie Davis, this story is about Lulu, the ladybug girl, and her first trip to the beach with her family. Before she gets there, she is sure that she will absolutely love the ocean. As she runs confidently to the water, the sound of crashing waves takes her and Bingo by surprise. They decide to participate in other beach activities like, sand castles, flying kites, and digging for pirates treasure. They avoid the ocean at all costs until her favorite pail gets carried out to the water. Ladybug girl has to conquer her fear or she will never see her toy again. I am not fa... moremiliar with any of the other stories in this series, but I can tell by reading this one, that I would be a huge fan. The wittiness and humor of these characters will make any audience fall I love. Lulu is like every young child, fearless and full of adventure.. until they come to it. The author uses great detail in describing the environment of the story. For children reading this book who have never been to the beach, these details would prepare them on what to expect. The heat, ocean and sand are obvious to the beach. But when the author gives details like it feeling as if you are being sucked in when the waves go back out, the audience is getting a life-like experience without leaving their seat.
review 2: Lulu goes to the beach with her family and dog Bingo, as soon as they get their though, Lulu is scared of the waves and decides to build sand castles instead. They she flies the kite and then gets ice cream, she does all these activities and then decides to go into the water and it scares her so she goes and explores some more. Finnaly her bucket gets drifted out into the water and she has to go in after it and realizes that she isnt afraid of anything. This book is perfect for right before summer vacation for younger children, it is an easy and adventurous read that i beleive many kids will be able to relate to. The best quality in this book is it's pictures. They are so well drawn and describe the events being told perfectly. I would recommend this book to any child in third grade or lower. less
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Malcolm says, "I like the beach. I liked the pail. I liked the adventure. That is it!"
A fun story about facing your fears. We are big fans of Ladybug Girl at our house!
It was ok, but was very similar to the other beach book we read.
I wasn't aware this was a series and it was okay . . .
My daughter and I really like this series!
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