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Congo : Een Geschiedenis (2010)

by David Van Reybrouck(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 2
9023456637 (ISBN13: 9789023456636)
De Bezige Bij
review 1: Having worked in East Africa as a young man years ago, i had heard many stories about the Congo and most of them not good so i was very interested in the History of the Country. The Author takes the reader through the early days of contact with the Europeans through one Regime after another in great detail until one thinks life there cannot get worse but it does. The Country is incredibly rich in resources which have to be exploited by outside Interests with the latest being China so the Saga continues.
review 2: Eigentlich wären 3,5 Sterne angemessener. Das Buch ist sehr gut lesbar und interessant, allerdings mitunter sehr anekdotisch. Je weiter sich das Buch der Gegenwart nähert, desto mehr verliert es an analytischer Schärfe. Die Dichte von Gleichnissen u
... morend Metaphern ist insbesondere auf den letzten 200 Seiten mitunter extrem hoch. Manchmal glücken diese sprachlichen Bilder, aber öfter sind sie schlicht unpassend. less
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Probably the best non-fiction book I ever read. Marvellous and heart-breaking.
I am fascinated with the Congo for some reason. Very good book.
Excellent and extensive history of a country forever in turmoil.
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