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Bad Bye, Good Bye (2014)

by Deborah Underwood(Favorite Author)
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0547928521 (ISBN13: 9780547928524)
HMH Books for Young Readers
review 1: What a sweet story! In sparse, rhyming words, a little boy and his family pack up their things, leave good friends behind, and move across country. Glowing, gorgeous illustrations show a progression from total devastation to curiosity and ultimately a new friend. This would be a great book for families who are anticipating a move, or to share one on one and talk about all the details on each page.
review 2: The book I choose to nominate to win the Caldecott for 2015 is Bad Bye, Good Bye, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Jonathan Bean. This book looks like it is illustrated using tissue paper with paper mache. It has a 2-dimentional look to it, but it really makes certain objects stand out. This type of artwork also paints a good picture of th
... moree scene for that page. There is a lot of color in certain places and black and white in others, and I think the color is meant to make the objects stand out as well. I like how they paper mache technique shows the overlapping of everything in the picture—it adds a different type of feel to the page than concrete pictures do—possibly movement, or elapse of time. The pictures are very geometric in shape, and they are just fun to look at. It makes this very simple story enjoyable to read. The pictures are very important in this story. In most stories, the words do the talking and the pictures supplement the words to help paint a picture of what is happening. For Bad Bye, Good Bye, I feel like they have reverse roles: The pictures are telling the story and the few words on each page supplement the pictures to portray the emotion coming from that page of the boy’s life in the story. For example, on one page toward the beginning, it says “Bad truck, bad guy”, and if you did not have pictures you would have no way to know why the truck or the guy are “bad”, but with these illustrations, it shows that the guy is putting the boy’s toys on the truck, and the truck is taking the toys away. The story is interesting because, in a quick read-through, you can get a sense of how a little boy feels that is moving away. It uses descriptions that a little boy would use. For example, one page says, “bad mop”, and the illustrations show the boy slipping. A mop cannot really be “bad”, but this is how a little boy may describe it if he had just fallen in the puddle of water. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and the pictures have an essential role in telling it. less
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Wonderful illustrations. Perfectly captures the feeling of a move to a new city.
Shows a boys struggle when he has to move.
Nice story, excellent illustrations.
Perfectly illustrated.
Good for grades prek-1
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