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7 Dagen (2011)

by Deon Meyer(Favorite Author)
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904496934X (ISBN13: 9789044969344)
A.W. Bruna Uitgevers
Benny Griessel
review 1: I read the English version of this book, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good crime thriller. Benny Griessel is a deeply flawed but extremely talented detective, who works under very difficult circumstances. The rich culture and heterogeneity of South Africa is beautifully illustrated in all of Deon Meyers novels, and this one is no exception. Great book. Looking forward to the next one.
review 2: Detective Bennie Griessel returns in this allegedly intense thriller. A woman lawyer was murdered and now a mysterious sniper is stalking the police for their incompetence in finding the murderer or their perceived collusion in protecting the politically connected murderer. Bennie is called in for a fresh look even though his personal life is in chaos as
... more he courts an alcoholic celebrity/singer. I had a hard time engaging with the plot and wasn't connecting with all the South African cultural allusions and politics-wish they did footnotes. Even when the perp or perps is/are apprehended there isn't much excitement, only relief the book is over. Meyer throws a lot of twists and turns in at the end and the ending is certainly a surprise( like something out of Clue) but something was missing in this one. The whole premise of the sniper shooting at the police for their inability to solve the murder seemed unreal and sort of absurd. There wasn't a lot of kinetic energy in connecting the dots-but that might have been my fault-too many distractions while I was reading this book. less
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Just finished 7days. What a writer, all i can say is.... 5/5 stars all the way!
In het Nederlands gelezen, niet in het Afrikaans.
Another great book from South Africa.
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