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Safari Sangrento (2012)

by Deon Meyer(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
RBA Serie Negra
review 1: I really enjoyed this novel, particularly because it is set in South Africa, written by a South African. As a South African I was involved in the story more on a personal level. I was not blown away by the story, but I enjoyed it. A quibble I do have is with the translation. I read the English translation and feel that whoever translated it from the original Afrikaans did a bad job in preserving the South African essence of the novel. Great pity since the novel engages with issues of South African-ness a lot. Hopefully the next Meyer I read will be in the Afrikaans original.
review 2: This was my first Deon Meyer book that I read and I enjoyed it tremendously. The story is about Emma le Roux who 'lost' her brother many years ago, but a TV news report shows a p
... morehoto of a wanted suspect. She is convinced this is her brother and not the person they claim it is. She hires a bodyguard and embarks on a journey to find him. Deon Meyer touches on subjects that are relevant in South Africa. His characters, setting and story line are real. It's an easy read, but it keeps you reading - for more. Deon Meyer is considered the Don of crime fiction in South Africa and I agree - he is good. Well worth reading! less
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solid crime thriller set in south africa with a layer of intrrnational intrigue.
Is his first book I have read an I throughly enjoyed it.
Fantastic read!!
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