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Onsigbaar (2000)

by Deon Meyer(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 1
0798148969 (ISBN13: 9780798148962)
review 1: A well written novel that illustrates the corruption and conspiracies that exist in South Africa. Meyer delivers a frightening idea that someone set out to help protect South Africa and its' animals against poaching could end up in such a dire situation by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tragic life of Jacobus le Roux, the strength and determination of Emma le Roux and Lemmer who fell in love with her was a great story. The only thing that I felt brought the novel down from a 5 star to a 4 star was that the ending felt rushed.
review 2: It's not often one hears of crime fiction from Africa that is written in a non-native language, although now that Afrikaans has been spoken in South Africa for close to 300 years, perhaps it is as nativ
... moree a tongue as any other. Deon Meyer is a successful author of thrillers set in that country, and he uses the medium to explore several unsavoury aspects of South African history. The nexus between the apartheid regime and the vastly influential military-industrial complex is reasonably well-known; what is perhaps less known is its constant interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries, either on the pretext of containing Communism, or to co-opt corrupt Black leaders of those countries. The story in Blood Safari is, as far as thrillers go, fairly faithful to the genre: a rich young woman thinks she has seen her long-dead brother on TV, her house is firebombed, she buys the services of a top-notch bodyguard (named Lemmer) who helps her in her search for her brother. Of course, the enemies are many and vicious, and when both get injured in an attack, Lemmer decides to go on the offensive himself. He is a man with a short fuse and can be indescribably vicious himself, so when the villains meet their comeuppance, they don't go gently into the unknown. Meyer throws in social commentary on present-day South Africa as well. There is corruption at higher levels that thwarts honest policemen, there are social schisms between the Afrikaners and the English-speakers; there is suspicion at every level between the blacks and whites; and there are tensions between the various nations of blacks, too, as they scramble for economic advancement and funding from an impoverished state. Underlying this all is a passionate cry to save Africa's wildlife as well, not just the popular creatures of tourist imagination, but also birds such as vultures that are held in such distaste by everyone. less
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Lemmer is a good character and I enjoyed learning about South Africa, but the plot was far-fetched.
IMy first Deon Meyer book. Have already gotten another. Love the way he analyzes the characters.
My first book by Deon Meyer can't wait to start on another.
Interesting read
Good fun read
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