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Trackers. By Deon Meyer (2010)

by Deon Meyer(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
1444723669 (ISBN13: 9781444723663)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: Meyer continues his streak of terrific thrillers. The appeal here is his decision to weave together three narrative strands: the way this happens is the more engaging because so subtle. We often don't know that we've resolved some important aspect of the narrative until much later. Meyer is great with set pieces--my favourite in this book is a surprisingly tense nighttime transport of endangered black rhinos from Zimbabwe through South Africa.
review 2: We've encountered some of the characters in this story in previous mysteries but now they all come together in this "six degrees of separation" style thriller. The book is divided into four books all around the theme of tracking. The middle two books are just adrenaline filled page turners. After "finishing"
... morebook three at a frenetic pace you are down to a slow crawl through book four and wondering what the linkage is to the rest of the books. All the characters are on a quest to find something or somebody and Meyer knows how to spin a tale. This is like Tom Clancy meets James Patterson but set in South Africa. Deon Meyer never disppoints!! less
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An original story but rather bland writing and the protagonists are cardboard figures. meh.
Great read.Not the last time I will be picking up a Deon Meyer book.
Måste läsa fler av Deon Meyer!
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