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Wyoming Fierce (2012)

by Diana Palmer(Favorite Author)
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Wyoming Men
review 1: I read a book or two by Diana Palmer years ago and didn't enjoy them. I saw this book at the library and thought I'd give it a shot. I didn't remember why I hadn't liked her stuff and figured that maybe my tastes had changed with the passage of time. I sat down with this story a few days later and didn't make it past the second chapter. The writing is amateurish (which is surprising considering that this is a well-established and popular author) and preachy. There were oh so many things that bugged me, but the constant insinuations that college students are wild and amoral was perhaps the most annoying. It sounded as if university is a den of iniquity that only women with high moral fortitude survive without becoming sluts (because, obviously, good girls don't mess around)... more. My favourite line to hate (by the male protagonist, no less): "I know all about you college girls. You all sleep around and you want taxpayers to make sure you get birth control so you can do it." My jaw quite literally dropped. I tried to justify it by acknowledging that the character was drunk at the time but, nope, still horrifying. If I wanted archaic and misogynistic morality shoved down my throat I would read a history book, not a contemporary romance novel.
review 2: I've got to say the romance aspect of this book was classic Diana Palmer. I enjoyed it but it was also the ONLY thing I enjoyed.Palmer took this book as an opportunity to preach - preach against things which are fundamental to modern Western civilisation like the aspiration to gender equality and sexual liberation. Was the primary motivation of this book to serve as a judgement of a relatively large segment of humanity? If so it succeeded. Was another aim to make me (and other readers) feel guilty about their private lives? If so it failed - I did not feel guilty. I felt annoyed and frustrated at evidence that the conservative repression we've been fighting for so long still exists.On another level there were HUGE editing issues in this book. I recommend that Palmer and her editor(s) google 'anthropology', 'palaeontology' and 'archaeology'. less
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I really enjoyed this book. Cane and Bodies struggle through a lot and come out winners.
Really loving the Wyoming series! I'm a sucker for a Cowboy!
did not read
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