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Criminal, Vol. 4: Bad Night (2009)

by Ed Brubaker(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 3
0785132287 (ISBN13: 9780785132288)
review 1: This fourth volume builds on the greater character emphasis seen in the last volume. In some ways it's more successful. I found the plot genuinely engaging this time around and while the ideas here have been seen before. The story doesn't reveal it's full hand until the right moment. The characters, while very similar to Criminal's other players, each have just enough depth for the reader to invest in as they scurry around Brubaker's grim, noir world. On par with volume three. I hope the trajectory of quality continues upward.
review 2: This was probably my least favorite of the Criminal books to date. It takes quite some time for the story to ramp up, and I took such an instant dislike to the viewpoint character that it was too long for me. And while the cover
... more character, Iris, is the very image of a classic femme fatale, she was a little lacking in depth for me. All that said, once the story does pick up, it gets very interesting, very fast. And that ending... Wow. It certainly isn't the best thing Brubaker's done, but it ends up being a riveting read despite a slow start. less
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A bit of a jumble compared to the first two arcs. Overall enjoyable.
These stories just keep getting better and better.
This was nice with some twists in the story
Consistently excellent! Go Brubaker!!
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