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La Casa Dei Destini Intrecciati (2011)

by Erica Bauermeister(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
8811670373 (ISBN13: 9788811670377)
review 1: This is a fun story of 7 girlfriends, who throughout the years have been there for one another. Some are of the same age, some younger but, all with a tight bond. When one friend, Kate beats cancer, and while at her celebratory dinner with the friends, she decides to challenges herself to something that makes her uncomfortable, which is agreeing to join her daughter on a rafting trip down the grand canyon as a way of feeling alive again. At the dinner one of the friends suggest that each of them should do something that they normally wouldn't do, maybe making them uncomfortable, scared, or just needed. Kate feeling that since she didn't get to pick her own challenge, would like to pick theirs. Knowing each of them well, she gives them each a challenge which is necessary to... more their moving forward with their lives.. What a great story to read, and I as a reader learned something myself from each of their challenges. This is my second book by this author and really like her style of writing.
review 2: I wish I had a group of friends like the one in this novel. I came to care about them way before the story ended, and I was sad to have them go. Once again Erica brought such vivid life to the senses, and she did for the sense of smell in this novel as she did for the sense of taste in her "...Essential Ingredients" novel - "The smell rose up, deep and luxurious, like perfume warmed between the breasts of a beautiful woman." That is just one example of her thoughtful use and master of description. I anticipate Erica's future novels with a sense of longing; I want to know the people about whom she writes. less
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I just loved it. Makes me want to do some extraordinary things in 2015
A fast, easy ready with moments of great writing.
Feel good book, women's stories.
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