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The Book Of Killoween (2000)

by Erin Hart(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
Nora Gavin
review 1: Admittedly, I had no idea this was a series before writing this review. I kept assuming throughout the book that the vague references were foreshadowing and was slightly disappointed when none of them tied up- so that's one mystery cleared up. The basis of this was interesting and novel; I've long been fascinated by bog bodies so creating a mystery around it was quite nice for me. The whole idea of ancient manuscripts was intriguing as well, though somehow I left the book feeling that the concept of 'a book to die for' hadn't been explained fully enough. There's too much of a mystery. Really. The whole idea of everyone having a secret was definitely full of suspense but really? Far, far too complicated. I forgot everyone's name after sometime, and that's not a good sign. A... morend with all the different crimes being committed and every single little secret and conflict it was too complex and distracted from the main idea of the book, which I felt wasn't given enough attention. So, three stars. I'm giving Erin Hart the benefit of the doubt- though I do thank her for a wonderful book.
review 2: I gave this only 4 stars, because the development of the relationship between Cormac and Nora was given short shrift. It may be unfair, but I though a bit about how the Duncan/Kincaid series has progressed, easily incorporating their development as a couple. However, the mystery in this book was very interesting, tangling up rare manuscripts and punsishment for deeds done decades in the past. Nora did seem to take a back seat this time as well, compared to what I recall of past books. less
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An intriguing story with an ending I didn't see coming. Well done.
My favorite of the series so far.
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