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Schattentanz (2000)

by Erin Kellison(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
3802584724 (ISBN13: 9783802584725)
review 1: Splash! Kellison drops the reader directly into an intricate plot that draws the reader to the story and characters from the first paragraph. A wonderfully dramatic story that is the second book in this series but can be read individually without losing any of the detail. Well written in an easily readable style that is accessible to all readers, with common everyday language enhanced with an occasional word that adds emphasis. The characters interact well with each other and the storyline, making the reader familiar with them. Breath taking in places, making the reader smile involuntarily in others, this book will prove difficult to put down.An overall wonderful read that makes me want to read more from this author.
review 2: I received a copy of this book in
... moreexchange for an honest review.This being the second installment in the Shadow series, I thought I'd get more of the same from the first one. Totally not true! This book was a great re-invention of the series, complete with a new set of boy/girl romantic interests and a flash forward in time of 2 years. This story follows Annabella, a ballerina with some latent shadow abilities, and Custo, who we previously met as Adam's right hand man in Book 1.I really think that the romance was done just right in this one. We got to spend a good deal of time with Custo and Annabella, so even though it was only 2 days of their life, it felt like they had enough time to fall in love. Weird, but true. I was sold on them once I got over the weirdness of a dirty angel and a flexible ballerina hooking up. The smut was worth it. We get to check in with Shadowman, Talia, and the rest of Segue. Things have changed in the time that Custo has been being angel-ified and now Segue is the go-to place for dealing with the more prevalent supernatural phenomena. I am really eager to see how the wraith/Order/Segue endgame plays out.One side note -- I feel really terrible for Shadowman. I know that I probably shouldn't, but I can't help it. He fell in love, then lost her, and he just keeps getting used and abused. I really hope he gets some redemption in the next book. less
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love fallen angels fell in love wit Custo right away wish they write more about death & kathleen
So far my favorite in the series! Review to come later!
It was OK. More for someone into romance novels.
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