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Shadow Fall (2010)

by Erin Kellison(Favorite Author)
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0505528304 (ISBN13: 9780505528308)
review 1: When I first began reading Shadow Fall, I was confused so I set out to find the first book in the series and upon doing so stumbled into the world of wraiths,and someone called Shadowman. After I finished the first book, and was finally able to read this book without being lost and confused I must say I really, really enjoyed it. I liked Custo from the first book and was very upset at his death. Being able to have him come back in this book was wonderful. I did get a little confused at what Annabella was able to do. Having finished the book, I would have to say that I would rate it at four stars and I cannot wait to read the next installment.
review 2: Shadow Fall is not a typical paranormal romance. It is a dark and sometimes disturbing urban paranormal tale a
... morend is book 2 in the series. I have not read the first book and I had no trouble at all getting into this book and going with the flow of the story. I will say that after reading this book I went to Amazon and bought book 1 and 3. Book 1 is FREE right now (9/18/13) and Shadow Fall is only $0.99 so go grab them! Two books for $0.99 can't be beat. The opening scene actually made me cringe a little because it is so descriptive and sucks you in right away. The story revolves around Custo, a soldier for the Segue Institute, a group dedicated to fighting the evil forces that are trying to infiltrate and take over the world, and Annabella a young ballet dancer on the cusp of having a successful ballet career, but also about to discover a gift she couldn't fathom before it terrifyingly manifests. Custo, after giving his life in order to protect his best friend and his wife becomes an angel. A very grumpy and anxious angel, but an angel none the less. Custo, having no patience for eternal happiness decides to take matters into his own hands and goes AWOL from heaven through deciept and trickery in order to get back to Earth and the fight he feels it's his duty to participate in. Through ballet Annabella feels whole and it is through her dancing that she weaves a powerful magic that has repercussions that would change her life forever.Because of her magic not only does Custo return to the world but he unwittingly brings the Wolf through as well. The characters in the world Kellison has created are fascinating, so much so that during the book I couldn't help but want to read their own stories as well. Shadowman, although he is literally Death, is a compelling character and I think that I am actually going to read his story before I read book one. Shadowman is tormented because his love, Kathleen, was taken from him and he is determined to get her back. Luca is an angel who also happens to be Custo's great great uncle and leads a group of angels on Earth whose command post is in the White Tower where they monitor and organize the fight against the evils in the world. If you are looking for something a little outside of the norm but that still has a little sexiness give this one a try I am sure glad that I had the opportunity to delve into something darker than I would normally read. less
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My favorite of the Shadow Series. I love the balance of romance, action, and other wordly things!
Fifty Shades Trilogy-Wow, great read. Just had to keep ready!!! Wow!!!
Honestly the villain could've been the live interest.
See review under 12 Seductive Supernaturals
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