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Seeing Shadows (2012)

by S.H. Kolee(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
Smashwords Edition
review 1: I saw "Seeing Shadows" on Goodreads after I read "Love Left Behind"...being that I liked LLB so much I figured SS would be just as good...I love a good and angsty romance with lots of sex scenes!...I'm not gonna lie.As I started reading, it turned out 2 be NOT at all like LLB...I was hoping for lots of red hot naked sex scenes, and SS had none at all...I mean, I guessed from the title and the cover that it had some sort of paranormal thing going on --and I don't mind that-- I just had my fingers crossed for something MORE then just kissing --they are in college after all-- so that was kind of disappointing.Anyways the beginning part of the story moved a little too slow for my liking...letting you get to know all the characters and the stories between each of them and blah,... more blah, blah...since there was NO SEX whatsoever it was kinda just blah...until it hits chapter 12!Here's where it gots interesting and some of my questions about the weird paranormal stuff were answered...but it only left me with even more questions...I just wanted Caitlin to get her shit together and open up to Simon, so they could be together and fight this weird thing TOGETHER...and throughout the whole book she's lying to him and pushing him away...this pissed me off to NO END!...I mean, I can understand why she did it, but I felt so lonely and heartbroken for the both of them...but in the end --no matter how much I wanted to protest-- it was a good decision...and that --this indecisiveness to love or not to love Simon-- kinda dragged out till the very end...but what an ending!! I knew something big was gonna happen, and when it did, it was exactly what I thought would happen, but it wasn't...does that make sense? Anyways, it left me feeling unsatisfied and anxious to get the next book! I was so upset having it end like that, I almost threw my phone across the room...I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Having said all this...SS is a very interesting read, absolutely NOT what I expected (due to the lack of sex scenes) and even though it was a little slow paced at the beginning...It was thoroughly entertaining and really suspenseful towards the end...I can't wait to start the next installment "Chasing Shadows"!
review 2: I think what really bugged me on this one was the back and forth traveling between her dad's place, her apartment, and then to her aunt's place. It was litterally getting annoying for me to read it. Over and over, back and forth, agaian and again, does the author realize what the price of gas is? It would have cost a mini fortune to keep refiling the car up, which never actually happens. Maybe she had one of those solor powered vehicles. Then again, don't they only last 50 miles before you have to switch to another power sorce? Hmm, not sure on that one. Non the less, for a college student, eh- probably not even likely.I ended skimming this book and really frowned at the fact I had already purchased the 2nd book before reading this one. less
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Review to come! This book was awesome!
Paranormal romance!
Liked a lot!
4 stars
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