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Freakn' Cougar (2000)

by Eve Langlais(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
Freakn' Shifters
review 1: Not my favorite book of the series, but it definitely redeemed itself with quite a bit of action at times. My main problem was I did not like how Stu was so non-alpha for a wolf. I liked Ricky the best. I understand this is a shifter book, so it isn't 'normal' reality, but at times this was very far fetched. Eve is one of my favorite writers, so I do not complain too loudly. But some actions in the prison would just never happen. I think it's best if this series stays in the city/jungles/etc. Ms Langlais definitely set up for the next book on the last Grayson brother Derrick. I think it'll be good!
review 2: this was a wonderful book. i loved the characters and thought it was very well written. i liked that the heroine was a strong independent person and that
... morethe heroes did not try to undermine that but supported her in it. the secondary characters were also very entertaining and i am now going to be going back and starting at the beginning of the series so that i can see what i missed. if you like this type of book you will love this one.thanks for the wonderful story Eve! less
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Amazing again. I am definitely hooked. Just keep them coming!
Was a different view. And some very clever writing.
I really enjoy this series. MfM shapeshifter menage
I normally love her books. This was ok.
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