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The Chemickal Marriage. Gordon Dahlquist (2012)

by Gordon Dahlquist(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
0670921637 (ISBN13: 9780670921638)
Miss Temple, Doctor Svenson, and Cardinal Chang
review 1: Whether somehow inherently different from its predecessors or strictly due to my state of mind, I found myself struggling to remember who and where everyone was and doing what this time around. Somehow, in spite of that mild confusion, I still found myself engrossed. The writing and suspense of each and every page ensure enjoyment of whatever is happening at the moment, independent of its relevance in the grand scheme of the plot. The complexity of this trilogy begs for it to be reread.
review 2: Finally, years after reading the Glass Books of the Dream Eaters I have gotten to a conclusion, of sorts. There is still a bit of potential at the end for something more, but for the most part the story is wrapped up. Nothing compares to the overall mystery and su
... morespense of the Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, not even this. There was just something magical about the blue glass and the whole timeline of figuring out what was going on in that book that just can't be replicated. I'm still not even completely sure what the Chemickal Marriage actually was. There are just too many descriptions of machines and compositions that I feel like I need a diagram or something more visual to reinforce what is going on in my head. The ending is good, it's not a complete fairy tale but it seems like the only way the story could end and still seem realistic. Still a lot of running around and extra characters but an excellent story. less
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It got a bit confusing, I simply couldn't remember events and names from the previous two books.
Not as good as the first book in the series, but still fun to read
Porque é que eu só estou a saber disto AGORA???
As for The Blue Glass Books of the Dreameaters.
yea! well worth sending across the ocean for.
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