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A Private Gentleman (2012)

by Heidi Cullinan(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
1609288521 (ISBN13: 9781609288525)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
review 1: I really enjoyed this title, dark as it does get. Drug addiction, sexual abuse and resultant trauma would have been just as prevalent at that point as now but this – at least for me – is a rare example of them being a central story point and discussed in a m/m historical. (Unequal social status/attitudes and issues of the law do kick in as well) The writer has done a great job of creating characters that are strong but flawed and all the more interesting for it. I've read some of Heidi Cullinan's other titles and she is a very talented writer. I'm not entirely sure that at the end (SPOILER), given the hypocrisy of the times, the victims wouldn't have been as ostracised as the perpetrator by society in general. Still, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is looking f... moreor a historical m/m romance or m/m romance that is something different and original, and isn't disturbed if the subject matter gets dark at times. It's well worth it.
review 2: Set in London in the mid 19th Century, Lord George Albert Westin (who goes by either Albert or Wes, doesn't like society life or the expectations his father has for him as a second son. He life is hampered by crippling nerves, a severe stutter and an addiction to opium, originally prescribed to help him get over the first two problems. His main interest is his work with the Royal Botanical Society, in particular the study of orchids. He puts his nerves aside one night to go to a party where he's heard the hostess has a new orchid he wishes to see. At the party he meets two people who will become important to him Penny, a rather improper independent American women who will eventually help him overcome his stammer and his drug dependency, and Michael Vallant, a whore who finds himself in trouble with one of the men at the party and it's Albert who rescues him.After their initial meeting ghosts of Michael's past are stirred up and he can no longer work. In desperation his friend and the owner of the brothel where he works asks Albert for help. But things don't go how the two men think it will and rather than just helping Michael, he and Albert become attached to each other. As their relationship grows they both have to face up to their past, deal with their present and find a way to have a future together. I really enjoyed this story, which although is historical has that feeling of being definitely fiction (there are a few historical errors, but not enough to pull me out the story completely). It also deals with issues of abuse, off screen/historical non con, drug use and what would be termed now as PTSD. That said, it didn't feel too dark - sure it's not fluffy but it's not depressing either. less
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ok. nothing special and didn't love the MCs but ok for a quick read
a tough jurney... very lovely, forceful and sad story...
Deep characters if somewhat troubled...
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