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The Pyramid: And Four Other Kurt Wallander Mysteries (1999)

by Henning Mankell(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
1565849949 (ISBN13: 9781565849945)
New Press, The
Kurt Wallander
review 1: Five gripping stories of the earliest exploits of Kurt Wallander before his first proper debut in 'Faceless Killers', the opening novel in a fine series of Nordic crime by Henning Mankell...the first, to me, of a veritable wave of Scandanavian thrillers/crime novels. These high-quality stories fill-in some of Wallander's personal background - his failed romances ,his earliest close-calls with death while a young foot-patrol policeman in Malmo, his tortured relationship with his difficult father - & help to illuminate the existentialist gloom of the later senior police detective, with his opera, his rackety health & his strained rapport with daughter Linda.I can't help seeing the crumpled but sympathetic features of Swedish TV's Krister Henriksson, the perfect portrayal of ... morea complicated man, ill-at-ease with a world that changes so many of his perspectives in moments of senseless violence & futile frustration with colleagues, friends & family members. Classic crime writing of the highest calibre!
review 2: I haven't really read any Wallander books before (I might have started Dogs of Riga but don't remember it very well), so I just had a very basic understanding of the character of Wallander and was excited to find out more. I did enjoy the calm and straightforward style, the little details that made the story more tangible, and getting to know the supporting characters, but I did feel like the resolution to each case was fairly similar. Wallander just seems to go along, figuring out his case and who the responsible party is, but usually finds himself in mortal danger at the end when confronting the criminal. It seems rather formulaic. I do hope the full-length novels are a little less so, and will definitely give them a shot sometime. less
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it was really nice to get to know Wallander during the earlier years.
3 stars for The Pyramid and 3.5 for the other 4 stories
Well I really enjoyed this book and love Wallander.
Great not disappointed. As good as his other books
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