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The Poison Eaters And Other Stories (2010)

by Holly Black(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
1931520631 (ISBN13: 9781931520638)
Big Mouth House
review 1: 3.5 stars.Holly Black likes mystical creatures, glitzy and kooky clothes, tough homeless teenaged girls, underaged drinking, gay boys, dirty cities, young people who outwit magical folk, and heat; it was really neat to see her explore stories and settings outside (although not in every case) of that box. Some of these stories are more about mood and style than about substance, which is fairly traditional Black, but others take a cautious, sometimes even subtle, tiptoe into further depths. A quick and enjoyable read.
review 2: This collection of short stories was a mixed bag. There were some that I truly loved, and others that I could have lived without reading. None of these stories were particularly happy, most were depressing, but my favorites were The Poison
... more Eaters, Virgin, and The Night Market. I recommend actually reading these stories, as opposed to listening to them on an audiobook, as I did. I think that I would have enjoyed them more that way. less
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Some of the endings were unclear to me but overall this was a nice mix of stories.
Some of the stories were awesome while at least one was really bad.
Short stories! Not bad anthology.
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