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The 13th Reality, Book 2: The Hunt For Dark Infinity (2009)

by James Dashner(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
Shadow Mountain
The 13th Reality
review 1: The Hunt for Dark InfinityJames Dashnerin the dark infinity Reginald Chu, famous inverter in the Fourth reality plans to change the fabric of the realities and start over in his image.Characters: tick,pro Sofia,pro Paul,pro Reginald chu,ant mistress Jane,ant.in the book dark infinity, Tick just came back from his last adventure gaining mistress Jane's barier wand. but at the same time is still trying to find out this mysterious power he just recently discovered. it all starts out when Paul and Sofia are expecting a call or a message from Master George (head of the realitant organization to help people in need anywhere in the realities). and when he does it describes a disturbance in the fabric of the barriers. and so tick and his friends, Paul and Sofia head out to hunt do... morewn Reginald chu. but before they can they get put through a series of events risking their lives to accomplish it. until it ends out with tick and mistress Jane to kill each other for who will help Reginald Chu make his dream world! but then tick gets angered up and somehow releases his magical power and destroys Ch'us factory and everything inside it. and gets back home safe and sound. I really liked this book and recommend it for anyone who really likes new worlds and fantasy books. The book is a bit different and weird a bit but it's what makes it cool and fun to readHunter BangerterPeriod 5Anderson class10/24/13
review 2: The writing in this second book seems weaker than the first. In reading this book, I mostly read for plot. The characters seem cartoonish and exaggerated: wholly good or evil. The plot is interesting and one character a bit complex but this book seemed like it was written by a different author than the writer of the Maze Runner series. Tick and his two friends are sent on a wild chase of an evil inventor who eventually captures Tick and put him to the test. Tick discovers more about himself. A strength of this book is it is never too dark and promotes positive family values. less
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I love this series! I think its intense and extraordinary!
it was cool not like i thougth it would be
pretty good... 'nuff said
Better than #1!
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