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The Fever Code (2000)

by James Dashner(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Oh, how I cannot WAIT for this book. I've loved this series for the longest time and I seriously can't explain how excited I feel! When I read "The Kill Order", I was pretty disappointed at the fact that it was a prequel that didn't involve the original Gladers and it just didn't answer any of the questions that where overflowing my mind after reading the first three books from the Maze Runner Series (how did the "Creators" built the Maze? How were Minho, Newt, Alby, etc. personality wise before entering the Maze compared to after entering the Maze? Did all of the Gladers enter the Maze voluntarily? Also, WHY a Maze? Why that particular scenario? What happened to Chancellor Paige?) plus, I fell in love with Newt and Minho and I felt like something that was missing in the ... moreseries was the opportunity to get a glimpse of what goes through their minds. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that this book will have switching POV's (from Newt to Thomas and Minho, etc.) throughout the chapters. I cannot believe my payers have been answered. Oh, sweet baby Jesus. Two years from now. Seriously can't wait. I know it's kind of soon, but I have already rated this book five stars. James Dashner, don't let me down.
review 2: FINALLY! A PREQUEL THAT IS RELATED TO THE SERIES' CHARACTERS TO WHERE I COULD FINALLY GET THE ANSWERS THAT I AM WAITING FOR!Now, I don't care if this takes 2 years or even 10 years to be published. I just need my closure and I don't mean just some half-baked story, unanswered questions and forced explanations. It have to be something that would leave me saying "It sure was worth the wait". I won't expect much though, I might be left disappointed again like the last book but crossed-fingers, this prequel would be as good as the maze runner. The death cure really made me want to punch Thomas in that shuck-face of his. And the first prequel, kill order, left me with a false hope of getting my answers from unknown characters I couldn't care about.More of Newt would be well accepted though :) Oh I love that bloody shank!P.S. How could this already have a rate if it still haven't been published? Are you people psych? Such a mystery. less
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Newet is dead
Finally....what i wanted to know.... waiting for it...!! thanks James Dashner for this wonderful Maze Runner series... and Newt is way beyond awesomeness...! Just waiting to hear his part.....!!
Can't wait.its exhausting to know that what we Want to read always comes late.I love newt and want to know more about him and even Minho.......both r damn cute....
I feel like I am going to die from waiting! Although, the question about why it was a maze, was in the first book, kind of hard to remember it, but it was because of the 'creators' keeping watch/track of the progress and development of their minds and how they worked and solved stuff, and what parts of the brain were most active whilst doing so, whilst also being infected with the flare, they explained in the very beginning, that they did the maze, because it was the simplest most common challenge in the world. . . .a maze. . .and they believed, (even thought there was no solution) that it could still be solved, thus the integrity and the never ending work of the runners trying to find a way out. Also helping the 'creators' weed out the weakest. . . . anyways, it's all complicated, but like hell my gosh! I too,, have sooo many questions that haven't been answered in neither the make runner series, nor the prequel, the kill order. So I am like. . . REALLY excited for when it is released!!
So excited!!!!!!! Can't believe I have to wait 2 years though!
2016.2016.2016. Excuse me is that a typo?
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