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Gunner Skale (2014)

by James Dashner(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
Delacorte Press
review 1: The most bad ass gamer in the history of the VirtNet finally gets his own novel, sort of. I can't lie, I was kinda disappointed with this novel. In terms of writing, characters, and environment the short story really shines. Getting to see Gunner Skale being awesome after being talked about so much in the first novel was amazing. The only problem was that it doesn't happen like that.This novel did not feel like a prequel at all. It was a prequel "technically" however it felt more like a glimpse into the life of a man we keep getting told is important. And then, right when he has the opportunity to be super awesome, he just doesn't. It was actually kind of let down with the way things turned out. And I understand that the author was trying to prove a point. No matter how aw... moreesome Gunner Skale thought he was, he was still messing with something that no mere human would be able to defeat. But if the novella was going to end that way than I would have liked some more story first.My gripe really boils down to the fact that I did not feel like I had a chance to really connect to the character before he was taken away from me. With that being said you are amazing Dashner. You made me care for a guy I only read about 40 pages on. Then took him away before I could understand him better. Ouch. 4/5.
review 2: I loved it. Ya me imaginaba que *eso* iba a pasar. Tenían que quedarse con los visores nomas, Gunner, y no entrar en la VirtNet. Era más seguro....En fín, me gustó mucho. James nos muestra lo que pasó con el gran Gunner Skale y como.... comenzó todo lo de la Doctrina de la Mortalidad, the Path y cómo él quedó donde quedó. Sentí mucha lástima por Gunner porque su relación con Rachel era muy tierna, adorable, y bueno, quedarse atrapado ahí debe ser horrible... y por cuánto tiempo encima.Cortito pero conciso. Ahora a esperar The Rule of Thoughts. less
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This story gave me a few answers to my questions. So it was a great story.
Good, interesting, but still not enough! I want to know more!
Waste of $2! Too damn short, not enough info!
cool little short story.
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