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Red-Headed Stepchild (2009)

by Jaye Wells(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
0316037761 (ISBN13: 9780316037761)
Sabina Kane
review 1: Yay! A new author for me and one that was inspired by Kim Harrison! This just rockets up my appreciation for the author. My apologies for the incoherency of this review.Loved Sabina! Loved the author's take on the vampire legends and the fact that this heroine is a kick ass female that takes no prisoners. I think the thing that got this book for me is that while Sabina does angst over her situation and actions, she doesn't dwell on them. It happened, she feels guilt, or whatever emotion is called for and she accepts it. She moves on but also retains what she has learned from the experience. A few times her world has been rocked and Sabina recalls her past actions but there isn't an angsty, woe-is-me whining going on throughout the book. This character evolves but stays tru... moree to herself.Loved Giguhl and Adam, and I completely loathed Lavina at her first appearance. Each character is vivid and adds depth to the world Wells has created, and I am throrughly enthralled with her concept. This is a worthy addition to the ranks of female heroines like Rachel Morgan and Kate Daniels. Thank you, author for creating and sharing this world with us. I can not wait to read what Sabina does next.
review 2: Meh. Not the worst thing I've read this year, but a long way from the best. The highlight of this book by a long LONG way was Giguhl, the demon/cat who ends up attached to Sabina, and even that was because of the massive amounts of snark he added to every scene he was in. Giguhl aside, this wavered between predictable (OMG, the bad guy is A BAD GUY?!?!?!) and just icky (certain vampiric characters take blood from certain other vampiric characters, and it's referred to as "vein-fucking", which is quite possibly the grossest thing I've heard of all year that didn't involve Robin Thicke). The world-building was incomplete - we know that all vampires are ginger and that they're susceptible to apple wood and apple cider, but we don't know WHY they're susceptible to apple wood. Unless, you know, I dozed off at that point of the story, which is entirely possible. The writing was pretty clunky at times. Things that were supposed to be swoony or hot were gross ("Our harsh breathing served as an erotic soundtrack for our frenzied explorations.") or inadvertently hilarious ("Ewan's bare ass was like a beacon in the dim light."). The characters were pretty meh-tastic, with the aforementioned exception of Giguhl, and the story was pretty run-of-the-mill. In short, I doubt I'll be reading the rest of the series. less
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A bit of a slow start, but once I got into it I couldn't stop. I read it in 3 hours!
Ok book...easy to read. Not terribly complicated or intriguing but overall ok.
She seemed awfully unsure of herself for a trained assassin.
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