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Rouge Sang, Noir Magie (2011)

by Jaye Wells(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
2360510368 (ISBN13: 9782360510368)
Orbit France
Sabina Kane
review 1: I've never read a book by Jaye Wells and after finishing this book in just over a day, I have every intention of reading the rest of this series. I'm definitely going to find the first one. Sabina was an excellent character and her familiar was hilarious. It was witty and read well. I felt it was too short, but it certainly covered ground and I didn't want to put the book down. It's a slightly different twist on the incredible popular fantasy genre and I'd certainly recommend it.
review 2: Mage in Black is the second installment in the Sabina Kane series and one of those books that I read because they were already on my Kindle app, but mostly because they *are* enjoyable. (Though in no way a favorite series.) Half vampire, half mage Sabina Kane was raised by he
... morer grandmother who just happens to be the leader of the Dominae council which controls all vamps. Recently Sabina learned that her grandmother was actually trying to kill her so she flees to the east coast. Sabina learned that she has a twin sister there, Maisie who was raised as a mage. In the middle of learning to use and control her mage powers Sabina steps right into a heap of trouble when she's out for a midnight snack. And on top of that, things are looking more and more like war with the Dominae is inevitable and Sabina suddenly becomes the target of someone who will stop at nothing to see her dead.I can't give this book anymore that three stars because much of the time I was busy rolling my eyes: For a trained assassin, Sabina really gets caught without her weapons a lot. Shouldn't "always keep your weapons handy" have been rule #1 for a tough-ass vamp assassin like her? Further, she is bullied and manipulated by everyone. As for Adam; he was absent for over two hundred pages. I get that this is UF and therefore not romance but to conveniently send Sabina's sexy hexy away to the Faery court for two thirds of the Faery court, just so that Sabina could reconnect with a shady character from her past, felt contrived. Giguhl was once again, my favorite character. Though not as funny as in the first installment, the bald demon cat familiar proved that he is worth his weight in gold, both inside and outside the demon fight club arena. And Sabina's relationship with her sister, highlighted the differences between The mage and vampire cultures. The book ends with the usual cliffhanger, and since I have already purchased the entire series, I might as well finish it. 3 - 3.5 stars. less
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love the story!
great series
7 out of 10
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