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Green-Eyed Demon. By Jaye Wells (2011)

by Jaye Wells(Favorite Author)
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1841497584 (ISBN13: 9781841497587)
Sabina Kane
review 1: Sabina Kane's to-do list: 1. Rescue sister.2. Murder grandmother.3. Don't upset the voodoo priestess.My list:1. Write a short review of this book2. Delete the two remaining novels in this series3. Read the last novella, just to get an idea of how things end.Halfway through this book I realized I don't care what happens to Sabina & co. I've been trying to stay positive, but I just can't seem to connect with the characters. I'm sure it didn't help my ratings of the Sabina Kane series that I've been reading Kim Harrison's Hollows series alongside this one. In comparison, this book lacks both the character depth, detailed plots and the engaging characters that make The Hollows so intriguing. While the characters in Kim Harrison's books make me smile, giggle, cringe, rage and s... moreob, I've fought to stifle my yawns each time a character in The Sabina Kane world bites the dust. (And they frequently do. Sometimes it feels like the authors kills off characters because she can't be bothered to write about more than 4-5 characters at the time. Too hard to keep track, perhaps?)Anyway, I'm going to read the final novella and hope that it summarizes the ending for me. If it doesn't... Well, I can live with that too... I'm going back to the Hollows, and feeling satisfied with my decision:-)2.75 stars.
review 2: New Orleans here Sabina Kane and her crew come and you better be prepared for them because they come into the city with a bang. I was so happy to get back to Sabina Kane. There were major things that happened in the last book that left me wanting more and I wanted to see Sabina take no prisoners. This time around Sabina is out to rescue her sister and she had a lot more than that to contend with. I love that the author basically throws everything at Sabina but yet she still manages to come out on top. I love how we get to see Sabina use her mage powers more this time around. She seems to finally be coming to terms with who she is and is ok with it all.We got to see more of Sabina and Adam this time around and I have to say I love them together more and more and can’t wait to see where things go for them. The setting for this book was amazing because what better place to be when you are up against weres,vamps and other beings than in the spookiness of New Orleans.The old history and tales of the area made for a great place for this book to take place and I love that the author decided to go there for it. As the story heats up Sabina has lots of revelations that take place and she learns some things that will change up her thoughts on who she can trust from who she can’t pretty quickly.The action is plentiful in this book and there is so much use of magic and the fighting was maybe the best of the series so far.Overall this was a really good audio listen and I am glad that I had the next book on hand to jump into because there are developments that make you jump into the next book right away. I can’t wait to see how this series as a whole will play out and what will happen to Team Awesome. This book gives you plenty of action,mystery and we finally get some revelations in the Sabina and Adam story. I would recommend this one to others. less
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This is the 3rd book in the series and continues nicely from Red-Headed Step Child and The Mage in Black.Not only must Sabina, Adam and Giguhul find Maisie and battle Sabina and Maisie's Vampire Bitch Domina Grandmother Lavinia but unite the Dark Races, stop Cain from coming to Earth and go against some secret fraternities. The story is jam-packed with ass kicking, frustrating dead-end leads and some existential soul searching. Sabina grows in this books as well as her relationship with Team Awesome. I didn't get annoyed with Sabina trying to deal with get emotional baggage and it wraps nicely though not the story arch (yey!)I love the Brooks/PW character and cheered when Mac got a bitch-slap (pardon the pun).As this is the 3rd book in a series of 5 there are still many a loose end an it will leave you wanting more.
Oh my goodness, will the greatness not stop - scratch that, I don't want to greatness to stop. It's so rare to find a series that all the books are brilliant. Even the Morganville Vampires series has a few duds! I hope the trend continues.More lush Adam and Sabina interactions. I can't get enough I am telling you. Just some of the things that happen make my stomach flip it's so lovely (even if it's just a brush of hand - sad I know but not all love/romance/relationship stories need to be erotic and graphic to be fantastic)! A new setting for this story - New Orleans and again new characters. The pace is great and the twists and extras also keep you going.The ending was amazing and it's another 5/5!!!!
Gigi is the demon! Action packed, good read :)
Really worth reading this series
I ♡ Jaye Wells.
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