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Meridian Six (2013)

by Jaye Wells(Favorite Author)
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Jaye Wells
Meridian Six
review 1: While checking Amazon to see if Jaye Wells had a new Sabina Kane release for the kindle, I saw this & thought I'd give it a whirl. It turned out to be a futuristic YA novella (yes, three separate things I'm not overly fond of all at once). If this isn't enough to get me actually checking out books *before* I download them I'm not sure what will. Let's call it daring risk taking rather than the laziness it actually is.These minor issues aside, I actually didn't mind it. JW always writes well & at least it was a paranormal-rich future if a little bleak for my tastes. Not sure I will be waiting for a sequel, although the likelihood of me lazily (daringly) downloading one anyway is probably quite high. Am sure I will cope perfectly well should this turn out to be the case... more.....
review 2: Wonderful short story about an apocalyptic future where vampires take over the world and humans are kept as slave labour and for their blood. The resistance (because what's the point without a resistance?) gains some momentum when Meridian Six, the vampires' chosen example of a well-behaved human, escapes her tormentors and finds her way to them. She dreams of a normal life, but slowly learns there's no such thing, and reluctantly joins the resistance cell and takes the fight to the vampires. This is an entertaining read. Ms. Wells manages to put an entire lifetime of back-story and character building into a few short chapters. From the first page you enter a rich, complete (if screwed up) world and you start to root for the humans right away. Excellent read! less
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Amazing! Completely addicted to M6! Once you start you won't want it to quit!
This SO needs to be a series...you hear that Jaye Wells?!?! Loved loved loved!
Fantastic! Can't wait to read the next chapter in this new world.
Expected publication: June 6th 2013
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