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The Runaway King (2013)

by Jennifer A. Nielsen(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 11
0545284155 (ISBN13: 9780545284158)
Scholastic Press
The Ascendance Trilogy
review 1: Entertaining enough, but I think I liked the first book better. Jaron felt a little too...stubborn and cocky in this book, so I didn't like him as much as in the first book. How many times do we have to be reminded that he doesn't run away from things, as if that is something admirable. But I'm still interested in reading the next book, and I did enjoy this book even though I had a few issues with it.
review 2: A fun sequel to The False Prince. In some ways better because of the complexity and added layers to the story, I keep forgetting how old Jaron is and that he's still a knucklehead teen esp regarding girls. At times the plot felt a little frustrating and either too wishy-washy or too simple in some places. But a really nice follow up to a deserving cyb
... moreils winner. Highly recommended if you are into the royal intrigue types of books. less
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I liked this book better that the previous book. Sad when our was over.
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