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The Pursuit Of Happiness: 21 Spiritual Rules To Success (2000)

by Jennifer O'Neill(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The advice are good although there are often no solutions provided: "just do it!". I think it was in chapter one where addiction was mentioned. Addiction usually have powerful psychological barriers to overcome in order to stop. Just saying not to do it is not that helpful.Also she seems to be very goal-oriented, personally I prefer to live by values rather than goals.Still I think it was decent, and there was several things in I had had to think about. Add to that the fact that I got the Kindle edition very cheap.
review 2: I try to think of myself as less religious and more spiritual as I grow in my faith and walk with Christ. For me though, "spiritual" does mean related to faith in God (even if your view of God may be a bit different than mine). Therefore,
... more when I read the title of this book (a freebie through Amazon) and looked at the chapters and the fact that each one was titled as a "spiritual rule", I really and truly thought this would be based on Scripture. As my husband pointed out to me when I complained to him about the book, this was my own fault. I do understand that many people consider the spiritual realm to be real but they still do that without belief in God. They believe in their own abilities, nature, universal laws, etc., and that is what this book was based on. Even though it was my own fault that I didn't understand the angle this book was coming from, I still give it only two stars. The majority of this was simply common sense. I realize a lot of people don't have a lot of that, but this book simply promoted making decisions that make you happy, not being a victim to situations, doing things you enjoy, love people, etc. For someone facing a time of depression or hardship, this book might be beneficial to get him/her out of such a lowly place. It may give a person hope that things can be better. For someone that somewhat has his/her life in order though, this isn't very useful. I didn't disagree with anything the author said, but I feel like I could have written this book myself. It just didn't bring anything new to the table for me. less
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A quick but good read. A simple reminder of the lessons to bringing about your own happiness.
Written simply and easy to read, yet a profound guide to happiness and spiritual fulfillment.
I really enjoyed this book and I strongly recomend it. It has great reflections and insights.
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