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All I Want For Christmas Is A Cowboy (2013)

by Jennifer Ryan(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
006228472X (ISBN13: 9780062284723)
Avon Impulse
review 1: This book was filled with sweet stories. Emma Cane - This one was so sweet. I loved the idea that an angel of some kind pointed both Doug and Sandy and Nate to the cabin. The bare bones cabin seemed to be a place where everyone rediscover Christmas. I especially loved that Sandy's love of life made Doug rethink what was going on in his life.Jennifer Ryan - This story brings about the question of brotherhood and the rules of it versus the love of a good woman. I really felt for Caleb, Summer was just what he needed to come back to life after serving overseas with her brother. The bond that they two men had was strong and Caleb knew he couldn't break the rule of dating a buddy's sister. I loved the way that Summer was able to get across to Caleb what she really wanted... more right under Jack's nose. I was glad when Jack finally realized that Caleb was interested in his sister and to what lengths he was going to go to stay true to his friend. The end was perfect, great gifts and an ever better family gathering.Katie Lane - I found this one to be funny, I guessed what was going on right away, but could understand why Clint kept up the farce. He got to see the real Alana, how she reacted and if she was what she had claimed. The ending was super sweet and perfect for them.
review 2: I must say all three stories were very entertaining to read and I liked them all equally. They were well written, plotted and had a fast pace so I didn’t have a chance to be bored.All were different in plot so that helped, but one thing they all had in common besides romance, was hot dudes in chaps. Now how can you pass up on that?!The Christmas Cabin by Emma CaneThis story is all about making lemonade when life dumps you a lot of lemons.Everything in this story worked for me, from the plot to the wonderful characters such as Sandy and her little boy, to Doug who needed them s much as they needed him.This story will make you stop and appreciate the simple things in your own life that you may have taken for granted.Can’t Wait by Jennifer RyanThis was a fun and frustrating story. Many times I wanted to pull a Cher [from Moonstruck] and slap Caleb, telling him ‘SNAP OUT OF IT’!You see, Summer loves him to pieces, but for some reason this Dude is not allowing himself to love her because she’s his best friend’s sister.Once she breaks down his defenses, we’re in for a treat and a love story that is sweet, poignant and entertaining.Baby It’s Cold Outside by Katie LaneI like this author and I think she can write comedy very well. Honestly, I think some of her stories are better written than those Hallmark movies!If you want to find out what happens when Alana finds that ‘perfect’ man online, you need to read this story.She acts impulsively by wanting to surprise him for Christmas, and instead gets stuck with a hot cowboy and can’t keep her hands to herself.All three stories are different in plot and feel, but all of them have one thing in common-a cowboy who’ll make their dreams come true! Now, how can I not like that?!*Melanie for b2b.*Books provided by the authors and publishers through NetGalley. less
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mildly cute Christmas romances - and some new authors to check out for the future
First story 3starsSecond story 5 starsThird story 4stars
Only read Baby it's cold outside by Katie Lane
A fabulous, fun, short read!
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