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Batwoman, Vol. 3: World's Finest (2013)

by J.H. Williams III(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 4
1401242464 (ISBN13: 9781401242466)
DC Comics
Batwoman Vol. II
review 1: I adore this series. The art was gorgeous and I was afraid that I was constantly missing something, but the pages were set up in such a way that the reader notices all of the pertinent details in the artwork as they read the relevant text. Loved the team up with Wonder Woman, the justification for it was solid and compelling. They did a great job showing multiple perspectives without making it confusing and it had a somewhat unexpected, but sweet ending. The hard part will be deciding if I read the next trade or not after they switch authors.
review 2: Five stars for the Batwoman/Wonder Woman relationship alone. The way they're both impressed and insecure about one another is brilliant, and brilliantly written. Honestly, my problem with Wonder Woman is that she
... more always seems like little more than a symbol or a placeholder. A major figure just because DC needed a female character to balance out the Superman/Batman duo. But here she's fleshed out and real in a way I've never really seen (maybe I'm just not reading the right comics). Williams gives her insecurities, which are spawned, wonderfully, from her invulnerabilities. The artwork is great, unsurprisingly. And the story is excellent, and a little more clear and straightforward than I'm used to from these books, in a welcome way. Looking forward to the rest of the series; surely DC will be smart enough to give these people free rein to take this story wherever they want, right?Hey, where's everybody going? less
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Even the artwork can't hide what a mess this is... Really terrible.
terrible in every sense, plot, art, layout and execution.
Just amazing art and a great story.
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