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Batwoman, Vol. 4: This Blood Is Thick (2014)

by J.H. Williams III(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 2
1401246214 (ISBN13: 9781401246211)
DC Comics
Batwoman Vol. II
review 1: Setelah kejayaan menumpaskan Medusa, D.E.O semakin mempergiat Batwoman untuk menjayakan misi-misi mereka. Manakala Batwoman pula tidak punya banyak pilihan demi melindungi semua yang disayanginya. Dia juga terdesak untuk membebaskan Beth yang berada dalam tahanan D.E.O. Sebagai ganti Batwoman harus memerangkap Batman untuk diserahkan kepada D.E.O.Tindakan Batwoman bekerjasama dengan D.E.O mungkin dilihat seperti mengkhianati adiwira ternama Gotham City iaitu Batman. Namun buat mereka yang penting dalam hidupnya, dia terpaksa. Mungkin juga Batwoman sebenarnya sudah merencana sesuatu yang hanya akan terjawab di keluaran akan datang.
review 2: Not sure what to say about this one, I've been ruminating on it for almost 2 weeks...It's not up to the same levels as Bat
... moreman and Batgirl Vol. 4s, but it's sure better than the clusterfuck that was Vol. 3. Things finally come to a head here, but still, I really get the feeling that Kate Kane has no clue what the fuck she's doing. If that's the point, then no thanks. I don't mind a hero finding their way, or doubting things, but this is silly. Also, why throw in another pair of estranged family members (DEO's Agent Chase and her sister...) absolutely useless. Maggie Sawyer has long been a strong character on her own long before being reduced to the girlfriend role, and it's a shame. I don't find that this makes her a more interesting character at all.Also, I'm getting very tired of the storyline with the 2 girls on the cover...gee, who do we think might be involved again?What motivation could Bones possibly have to get Batwoman to go after Batman? Oh hmmm...that cover...right...That being said, if they actually pick this up in Vol. 5 with anything other than exactly what should happen, I will be shocked.Still get confused by the colour schemes that keep changing, and that there's far too much on the supporting characters and very little on KK herself.But as with most of the New 52, it seems Vol. 4 will be the end for this creative team...feels like a cheap ploy to keep us reading at the end though. less
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Slightly improved from the downward slump the series had been taking. Art as awesome as ever.
In the arms of an angeelllll
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