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Death Of A Schoolgirl (2012)

by Joanna Campbell Slan(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
0425247740 (ISBN13: 9780425247747)
Berkley Trade
The Jane Eyre Chronicles
review 1: Jane Eyre is my favorite book ever, so I was interested to see how this series would turn out. I was a little worried, however, at the idea of Jane Eyre as a mystery-solver. I mean, I love Jane with all my heart, don't get me wrong, but we are talking about a woman who could not figure out that her fiance was keeping his crazy wife in the attic of the very same house she was living in. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes material in my estimation! I found the situation presented in this novel a bit unbelievable. First of all, even forgetting the central mystery for a moment, the Jane Eyre I know and love would NEVER have left Adele in that school without visiting her once in all that time! I also found Rochester, well, annoying here. No wonder Jane went off to London without... more him! I will read the next book in the series in hope that the mystery and Jane's role in it is more believable, but I'm not really expecting much.
review 2: Jane Eyre is now married to Edward Rochester. In addition to their ward Adele, they now have a son whom they have also named Edward. Jane and Edward become concerned when they receive a letter from Adele asking them to please help her. A girl has been murdered at the school Adele attends. Jane leaves for London and on the way is rob of the family jewels. She arrives in London with the intent to bring Adele home and encounters a former colleague who convinces her to stay on as a teacher at the school and help solve the murder. The story keeps the reader in suspense until almost the very end at which time the pieces begin to fall into place. I liked the way Ms. Slan depicted her characters and the story line. less
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page turner mystery; I like the idea of Jane growing as a woman & becoming more confident.
A bit slow-going at first, but a good read that also touched on social issues of the time.
Jane Eyre it is not, but I was entertained throughout the book and might read it again.
A little slow, lots of dialogue. Very true feeling to the era.
Okay, I'm prejudiced, but I loved writing this one!
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