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Bard's Oath (1999)

by Joanne Bertin(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 1
0312873700 (ISBN13: 9780312873707)
Tor Books
review 1: An entertaining novel, faster paced than Dragon and Phoenix. The author brings us back to the part of her world she explored in the first book in the series and weaves a story of music and deadly magic that also give us a glimpse into Otter's past.Ms. Bertin is quite adept at developing her characters. When she wants you to dislike a character, you can't help but go along with her. I found it impossible to like Raven in the second novel because of his senseless jealousy (although he does redeem himself somewhat in this third installment), and she does very well with her villain in Bard's Oath.Quite enjoyable.
review 2: I can't believe Joanne Bertin has finally finished Bard's Oath! I read her first two books in high school back in the early 2000s and had practi
... morecally given up hope of the third book ever getting published.Overall it was okay, but the story develops at a slower pace than I remember for the first two books. I also had trouble jumping back into the series and remembering who all the characters were, but luckily there is a brief summary of the second book before the story even begins to refresh the reader's memory.As usual, Bertin writes from the POV of a number of characters, so it was disconcerting at first to see how she would tie everyone's story threads together, but when the plot came together in the second half of the novel, I became much more invested in the story.I must say, though, I did want more Mauryanna/Linden time...they practically spent zero time together by themselves. Given that they were the main characters in the first book (and sort of in the second book), this time it feels like they took a back seat. In fact, it didn't seem as if any of the characters stuck out as the main character(s); Bertin divides her time pretty evenly between all of them. Perhaps that's why it was harder for me to engross myself in the story...it's usually easier (in my experience at least) when there's a main character of some sort for me to focus on.I'm hoping for a fourth book...Shima needs to find his soultwin too right? :) less
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Not impressed, especially considering the decade it took to be finished
Lovely book, and it's great to see this series continued.
OMG, the third book is out? I can NOT believe it.
NYCC12 freebie.
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