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The Universe Doesn't Give A Flying Fuck About You (2000)

by Johnny B. Truant(Favorite Author)
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review 1: It never hurts to be reminded that we are specks of light that blink out in an instant so we need to use our time wisely and appreciate every moment. I appreciate the reminder as I get bogged down my obligation, job stress, and daily chores, that I am spending this time with the love of my life and since we are not getting any younger, we need to cram as much fun into our remaining time as we can. Excellent read!
review 2: This should be fairly obvious from the title really I suppose, but this would probably be best suited to a late night drunken discussion between students. At a push maybe it'd make an OK blog post..As far as a book goes though, this really wasn't worth the small amount of effort that went into getting it on amazon, even as a freebie.On the p
... morelus side, you can skim read it in 5 mins and waste very little time less
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This is like one long reddit-esque pep talk that empowers you through humbling you.
Read this 15 page thingy just to add it here >w>
A good reminder. Bit repetitive.
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