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Silver Bay (2007)

by Jojo Moyes(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 6
0340895934 (ISBN13: 9780340895931)
review 1: I LOVE this author! Each of her books have been a breath of fresh air, completely different from the one before and each one totally captivates me! This was a love story, a mystery and wonderful story all in one. Set in Australia it was also the story of a small town that cared about the whales and the dolphins and a man who came ready to develop something for money, but who learned the lesson love and what's right. I cannot recommend this book and the author enough!
review 2: Mandy's Review:My first foray into Moyes' writing style was when I read Me Before You and it wrenched my heart. Silver Bay affected me in a similar way.Mike's analytical personality results from a childhood where he witnessed his father losing the family's wealth by one bad decision.
... moreMike rarely makes a decision based on feelings. Instead, he looks at all options, facts, and figures. So when his property investment company looks for a new place to build a new hotel getaway, Mike analytically determines that Silver Bay would be the best option.Liz considers Silver Bay her sanctuary. It's the place she came to in order to escape her life and the horrible incident precursoring her arrival. Hannah, Liz's daughter, doesn't understand why she's not allowed to leave the Silver Bay area. Unfortunately, it's not something Liz or Kathleen, Liz's aunt, knows how to explain to Hannah. In order to further protect herself, Liz keeps her distance when it comes to the opposite sex. Giving her heart over to someone who could further hurt her is not something she's interested in.Mike and Liz are only two people in a love triangle. There's also Greg, who has thought, if he's patient enough, he's had a chance with Liz for the past few years. Kathleen's been running from love in the form of the lovably persistent Nino Gaines, which makes me wonder if this is a family trait.Silver Bay is a lovely novel. The characters are complex enough to give them dimension without being so dense that you cannot understand them. I rooted for Mike and Liz the entire novel and cried for them towards the end. Yes, I cried. I seem to do that with Ms. Moyes' novels. They offer a wide range of emotions with characters believable enough to be based on people you already know. I would recommend this novel to all you romantics out there.*A paperback copy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. less
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An absolute must read! I loved every page of this book and highly recommend it.
Three and a half stars. Great ending.
[ 4.5 STARS ]
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