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Silver Bay - A Baía Do Desejo (2007)

by Jojo Moyes(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 4
Porto Editora
review 1: If Jojo Moyes writes it, I want to read it. She manages to create stories and characters that feel authentic and real, that suck me in and don't let go until I reach the end. SILVER BAY was no different, however, I didn't quiet connect with this one the way did with ME BEFORE YOU, THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND, or even ONE PLUS ONE . Having said that, the setting, the multiple POVs and how Moyes intertwines the lives of the characters together made for an interesting and entertaining read. I'm excited to see what Jojo Moyes comes up with next!
review 2: I feel like Jojo is my soul author. Of the books I've read of hers, this isn't at the top, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Her stories are easy to follow and get hooked on - in this case you are torn between the loc
... moreals protecting the wildlife and the developer that is looking to build the next great hot spot. Of course there is an underlying love story going on - with several twists. I really connect with Jojo's writing, and if you are an animal lover - then this book is for you. less
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A little slow to start, but a delightful novel. I really love JoJo's work.
Little slow at the beginning but picked up and had a great story line.
I have an insatiable urge to fly to Australia and whale watch...
Not my favorite JoJo Moyes.
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