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Weit Weg Und Ganz Nah (2014)

by Jojo Moyes(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
3499267365 (ISBN13: 9783499267369)
review 1: I love JoJo Moyes. This is her newest book, and it's terrific! Very different from Me Before You. It's the story of a single mother and her two children, and basically, it's about what she is prepared to do for her children. Her young daughter is a math whiz and is asked to take a nationwide math test which could help her get in to a prestigious private school. Her stepson is kind of odd and is bullied at school. She is a house cleaner and barmaid, struggling to keep her home and her family in tact, while her ex-husband claims he cannot help her financially. Most of the story revolves around the family's attempt to get the daughter to the math exam, and her relationship with the man for whom she cleans house. It's complicated, and so entertaining. Loved this ... morebook.
review 2: The teenage boy, Nicky, sums this book up perfect, "This is the story of a family who didn't fit in. A girl who was a bit geeky and liked maths more than makeup. And a boy who liked makeup and didn't fit into any tribes. And this is what happens to families who don't fit in."I adore books and movies with messy, unflattering lives and lots of character interaction. It makes me feel more normal, and decreases the odds of my pining away for several days for my life to be like a novel.That may possibly make sense to someone.I read a few reviewers complain that this story moves along too slowly. I don't see the problem with a book moving slowly, especially if it's enjoyable. Why do stories have to speed along like a Nascar race, anyway? If the characters are adorable, and the plot is interesting (though I can't say this particular plot was all that original) and the dialog is fun and cheeky... by all means let me spend a couple extra hours enjoying them. Yes, there are a few slow points, but when characters are developing a relationship it takes time and it makes more sense then having them move from one stage to the next with nary a chapter in between.Yes. I said 'nary.'I read this in two days, which is fast for me, mostly because I got to read the dialog in an English accent and the two children are amazing. Readers across the continent will want to smack me for picturing this as a film, but if it WERE a film I nominate Hugh Grant as the role of Mr. Nicholls. Please.4 stars because, although the writing is delightful, the story was predictable and not too original. less
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Great! I need a new Maeve Binchy and this author might be it. Reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine.
One Plus One is one of the most satisfying, entertaining novels I have read in a long while.
Slow to begin with but an amazing build up ! Highly recommend.
Different and fun read!
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