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A Última Carta De Amor (2012)

by Jojo Moyes(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 3
Porto Editora
review 1: I like Moyes' writing style but this was my least favorite of her books that I have read. It was "okay". Her others seemed to be richer stories.Moyes likes to use the technique of telling two parallel stories. In this one, she is telling the story of a young wife during the 60's who is very unhappy in her marriage. Her husband is not kind or thoughtful and treats her pretty much as an accessory in his life. She is to dress, act, and make a home suitable to their class status. Her husband is handsome, wealthy, and she has everything that she wants. From the outside, her life seems perfect. Then she is involved in a horrific accident and almost loses her life. She has lost some of her memories and when she finds some love letters signed "B" she has no idea who tha... moret might be or what she might have done.The other part of our story takes place in 2003. Ellie is a young reporter who comes across some love letters while searching the newspaper archives for material for a story. She becomes obsessed with finding out who the writer of the letters could be and would like to use them in a story for the paper. She is hoping that if things turned out well for this couple, it might bode well for her relationship with a married man. Was there a "happy ever after" forty years ago and can there be one again in 2003 for her?
review 2: This book is SO romantic! If you liked the notebook you'll like this novel. I felt they somehow held the same genre of love ideas and concepts. A little different but readers will understand. I couldn't put the book down! All of JoJo Moyes is amazing work. Me before you, Ship of brides, the girl left behind. All wonderful. I'm reading another now to complete my obsession. Her readings are easy, heart wrenching and can be familiar to anyone.100% suggest. less
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The twists and turns of the story kept me on my toes the entire book.Made me hungry for more!
A lovely, heart-warming story. We all remember our first REAL love.
Good but not as good as some of her others I have read.
really liked this one
Definitely a 4.5
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