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Eine Handvoll Worte (2013)

by Jojo Moyes(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
3499267764 (ISBN13: 9783499267765)
review 1: Great love story.about a man who loves a married woman, he ask her to come with him, meet him at the train station, but she is coming, but has a car accident on the way. He thinks she chose her husband. Her husband informs her your lover died in the car accident. She grieves and is ridden with guilt that she caused his life, for she has amnesia and cannot remember everything. She finds her lover to be alive and renews their love, her lover once again asks her to be with him, but she says she can't cause she has a child now. But things change within a few days, she leaves her husband, her lover who is a journalist goes to Africa in a war zone, she tries to reach him leaves letters at his newspaper, but these letters never reach him and she goes on without him, thinking he h... moreas died once again.Very moving story.
review 2: The whole premise of "my only true love and one shot of happiness came when I was in an unhappy marriage so therefore I am completely justified in committing adultery" goes against my moral code and is a cop out for literary tension, not to mention overdone and makes me want to puke. BUT. This does a pretty good job dealing with the subject. This is an interesting look of women's rights, women's roles, and morality of adultery (especially the modern day story.) less
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Enjoyed this, not quite as fun as her other books. I could have lived with less Ellie.
Good story but this one was just so depressing to me, it was tough to get through.
Nije onako moćna kao "Tu sam pred tobom" ali svejedno zanimljiva i romantična.
A bit long, but overall I loved it!
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